Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Services for Diesel Generators- Manik Diesel Services

Diesel Generator AMC Services- Surat, Vapi, Hazira, Navsari, Ankleshwar

Annual Maintenance Contract Services are provided by Manik Diesel Services to ensure that the customers enjoy trouble-free operation of the diesel generators.
We undertake preventive maintenance visits at regular or monthly intervals as mutually agreed upon by us and the customer. The preventive maintenance checks are undertaken as per the checklist which enables hassle-free working of the diesel engine. Our technicians visit your plant and inspect all parameters of the diesel generator. We maintain a complete history and record of various service contracts undertaken in every visit. Hence, we are in a better position to give you complete guidance and back-up support when required.

Objectives of AMC Services:

  1. To ensure that the customer utilizes the diesel generator to its fullest
  2. Proper and regular services helps to reduce the opertaional cost
  3. It gives better fuel economy.
  4. It enhances reliability.
  5. Avoid sudden breakdown of the diesel engine by regular servicing.
  6. The correct operation and maintenance guideline is provided to the opertaing personnel so that the diesel generator runs efficiently.

Bespoke Solutions for Contract Purpose:

We customize the AMC of diesel generators in Surat, Vapi and other parts of South Gujarat as per the client requirement and we advice on the best possible option so that the engine keeps running smoothly and hence the customer is satisfied. Under the AMC, the emergencies get prompt attention. No further break-down occurs with proper and regular maintenance. Thus, there is no hindrance during the engine operations.

We provide you with round-the-clock AMC services. Contact us to get a detailed view of the terms and conditions of the AMC service. Timely and regular maintenance of the diesel generator will save you a great deal in the long run. This helps the DG set to operate with optimum inputs thereby saving money and resources.